Sextant Ring
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Sextant Ring

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Used for celestial navigation by sailors centuries ago, the sextant is synonymous with Discovery. FIND YOUR WAY is inscribed on the outside of the band.

The Sextant ring is 20mm round and made from solid sterling silver.

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Product Description

I can now see Polaris, bright and true.
The course mapped by sextant and star
Our southern troubles have dwindled to few.
As we leave the shores of home for afar. 

Used for celestial navigation by sailors of old, the sextant has long been a symbol of discovery. A Sextant is used by observing angular measurements between celestial bodies such as the sun and the horizon. Once the skies are dark, the sailors would use the North Star or Polaris, which is the most prominent of the 57 navigational stars as the main reference point whilst navigating the Northern seas. For this reason, the sextant ring is our flagship ring for our range, with Find Your Way inscribed across the band.

Most common girls index finger size is a Size P.
Most common mens index finger is a Size T.
Most common mens Pinky is a Size P.

Each ring has been hand designed in collaboration with Windfall Jewellers in their Melbourne studio. Please view the handling and shipping FAQ’s for further information about estimated times of arrival of your Men of the North rings.

Sizing : We recommend visiting your local jeweller for the most accurate measurement, however you can download ring sizer utility application  on your smartphone and base your order off a ring you already own and order to nearest full size.

  NB Because this ring has an inscription across the band, it isn’t possible to have the ring re-sized without affecting the script. Double check sizing before placing orders